Gianluca De Santis

Gianluca De Santis

He holds two MSc degrees in International Management awarded with honors from Bocconi University, Milan, Italy and Fudan University, Shanghai, China (Double Degree in INternational Management program). 

He also holds a BSc in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication, from Bocconi University, Milan, Italy. 

He has significant studying and working experience both in Italy and abroad, remarkably in the US and in Asian countries, particularly Singapore and China. 
Besides he has been interning in the marketing function at the Chinese branch of an Italian SME in Shanghai, China, and as Gillette Assistant Brand Manager at Procter&Gamble IT, Rome.

He is passionate about new challenges, particularly start-ups and entrepreneurial experiences, as shown by two projects he  currently is involved in, namely UniBooks and MyGeneration s.r.l. (Ltd.) itself, which he co-founded in March 2011 and of which he currently is the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).
He is the editor of the "News from the world" and the "English Jam" columns.

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Lunedì, 02 Luglio 2012 20:58

Pillole inglesi

Martedì, 19 Giugno 2012 06:07

Ma in può pappagallare??

Lunedì, 04 Giugno 2012 21:20

Did you know that...?

Lunedì, 21 Maggio 2012 22:47

Come si dice in inglese?

Martedì, 08 Maggio 2012 07:44

Un’insolita lezione d’inglese

Martedì, 24 Aprile 2012 07:46

Inglesata Pasquale

Martedì, 10 Aprile 2012 07:31

Fat VS Phat?!

Mercoledì, 28 Marzo 2012 11:18

Check this out!

Martedì, 13 Marzo 2012 07:44
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